Surfing Lessons in Carolina Beach NC

ImageThe very first step to Surfing in Carolina Beach is to take a few lessons from a professional.

Below are links to visit and discover if you would like private lessons, family lessons or a Group Surfing lessons.

Make some phone calls and visit their website to answer your questions regarding times and costs.

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Surf Schools located in Carolina Beach, NC

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5 Ways the Ocean adjusts our attitude

A Walk on the Beach will change your attitude

A Walk on the Beach will change your attitude

Here are the 5 reasons relaxation and meditation experts suggest that you

“close your eyes and imagine that you are walking on the Beach”

1  When you arrive at the Beach everything about the Ocean creates a unique feeling of well being when you stand still and breath in the salt air

2   Seeing the sparkle of the sun’s rays on the water and waves treats your eyes to the raw beauty of nature

3   Feel the power of the Ocean and listen to the sounds of the waves as they lull your soul into focused relaxation

4   The feel of sand beneath our bare feet allows a feeling of connecting to the essence of Mother Earth

5   The massive Ocean reminds us as to how small we are and how insignificant our worries are.

Our busy lifestyles of working and acquiring “things” wears us down –   our perspective is adjusted with sand on our feet.

Come to the Ocean for your natural therapy and leave with a balanced and adjusted attitude – works for me every day

Wishing you Peace, Love and Sandy Feet

The Carolina Beach Babe

Why you should bring your dog with you to Carolina Beach NC

Come to Carolina Beach and discover this perfect laid back and relaxing destination to bring your dog along  for the day or a weekend or vacation. Google Map of Pleasure Island For weekend stays there are plenty of rentals that allow pets. At Carolina Beach dogs are allowed on the Beach with a leash from to the end of November 1st until March 1st. Dogs are never allowed on the Boardwalk and a $50 fine is the penalty, but you can get to the beach at any of the public access areas every few blocks on the island. At Kure Beach, just a short drive south, dogs are allowed on the Beach with a leash from October 1st until March 31st, at Freeman Park- bring your 4 wheel drive out on the Beach! the daily entrance fee is $20 or an annual sticker is available for $60 pre March 1st and $100 after-  dogs are allowed from October 1st  to March 31st  off leash as long as they are under voice command and allowed on leash year round.  At Fort Fisher Park, just South of Kure Beach, Pets are allowed on the beach with a Leash law year round. The Carolina Beach State Park has wonderful trails for a long shaded leashed walk on the Sound side of the Island. Enjoy a walk around the Carolina Beach Lake Park where the doggie bags are provided and it is very scenic with your pet year round. The neighborhoods are very safe and relaxing  to walk with your pet and look at the local properties, and consider a beach home of your own. The downtown area is also a nice walk with your leashed pet, offering outside restaurants and coffee shops where you can both sit down and take a break!. Bring your pet out for a great beach weekend any season. Please remember to bring your doggie bags and pick up after your pet and a bottle of water to drink when they are having so much fun!

Watson says…”Beach dogs are happy dogs!” ImageB