Ocean Grove Cottages offers Coastal homeowners information on how to create a backyard wildlife habitat

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A wonderful project for you and your family will create a bird and butterfly habitat that provides food, water and cover and places for wildlife to raise their young,

Instead of an all sod yard  that requires a large quantity of water to create the perfect manicured lawn here at the Coast, nurture your local wildlife with a backyard wildlife habitat.

A manicured lawn can be very challenging to maintain, considering the soil is mostly sand.  Instead, help the local wildlife community by designing a portion of your yard and deck to be a wildlife habitat.

Each species require a little different approach with feeders or plantings and all can offer long term entertainment.  Here is a helpful video

Habitat Video:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1hkC-6NQJk

A small habitat for butterflies and birds can be a certified, join the more that 150,000 certified habitats nationwide. Here is how you can get your Habitat certified:   http://www.nwf.org/Get-Outside/Outdoor-Activities/Garden-for-Wildlife/Create-a-Habitat.aspx

Backyard habitats…

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5 Ways the Ocean adjusts our attitude

A Walk on the Beach will change your attitude

A Walk on the Beach will change your attitude

Here are the 5 reasons relaxation and meditation experts suggest that you

“close your eyes and imagine that you are walking on the Beach”

1  When you arrive at the Beach everything about the Ocean creates a unique feeling of well being when you stand still and breath in the salt air

2   Seeing the sparkle of the sun’s rays on the water and waves treats your eyes to the raw beauty of nature

3   Feel the power of the Ocean and listen to the sounds of the waves as they lull your soul into focused relaxation

4   The feel of sand beneath our bare feet allows a feeling of connecting to the essence of Mother Earth

5   The massive Ocean reminds us as to how small we are and how insignificant our worries are.

Our busy lifestyles of working and acquiring “things” wears us down –   our perspective is adjusted with sand on our feet.

Come to the Ocean for your natural therapy and leave with a balanced and adjusted attitude – works for me every day

Wishing you Peace, Love and Sandy Feet

The Carolina Beach Babe


5 great reasons to plan your Beach Vacation in February 2016

Image1   When you are tired of the cold weather and snow, dream of the perfect Summer Beach Vacation with your family.

2   Take a look at your 2016 Calendar and select a week, (a weekend is just not long enough) and reserve your dates early, the earlier you reserve the better.

3   Plan a special family get together with your distant friends and family at a central location in Carolina Beach North Carolina, a laid back and friendly Beach with plenty of great things to do, places to eat and to shop.

4   Kids love the beach and no one is getting any younger – your kids, you, your parents and or your grandparents

5   Money is tight and finding the best fit for your group can be daunting,  let me help you find the perfect affordable rental.

See you at the Beach!


Carolina Beach Babe



Carolina Beach Babe is a full service Social Media Marketing Company

Carolina Beach Babe (definition of Babe, Informal Sweetheart; dear. Used as a term of endearment) delivers sales experience and a love of the Island with the desire to assist local businesses in delivering a successful marketing effort to increase revenue and customer loyalty , in season and more importantly, off season.

Carolina Beach Babe is owned by Debi DiNatale, a resident of Carolina Beach for nearly 5 years, formerly from Upstate New York and relocated to Cary NC in 1997, purchased a home in Carolina Beach in 2008 and with her husband renovated it, Debi and her husband Tom, moved to the Beach permanently in 2010.

With the experience of hosting vacationing families and knowing their needs, plus  25 years of experience in Business to Business Sales and Marketing in the very competitive markets of computer and telecom sales, this seasoned professional draws from a “hunter” mentality when designing a Social Media campaign for her clients in this unique beach community.

Carolina Beach Babe’s mission is to provide the business owners on the Island a local resource that understands the needs of our beautiful classic beach town that is as friendly and laid back as it is beautiful and relaxing.

Our visitors come for the day, weekend and their family vacations. With the help of Social Media Marketing, Debi helps her customers “get found” on the Internet and increase their off season business as well. A successful Social Media Presence will develop loyal fans, improve sales and grow business partnerships

When a visitor arrives at the Beach, new and returning visitors use their Smart Phone’s and tablets to locate the resources for their vacation needs. Fishing, Kayaking or Surfing and Jeep rentals or to just find a great seafood restaurant- finding resources that they need, they use applications like TripAdvisor to locate local businesses.

If you have not Googled your own business lately, you should.  Monitoring your business presence on the web is critical.  monitoring  information delivered about your company, positive and negative.

Our beach visitors will refer to the advice of other consumers and read the reviews before deciding where to stay and where to eat and where to shop.

A 2012 study revealed that 83 percent of marketers believe that social media is important for their business, and more than nine in ten (92 percent) spend six or more hours online each week maintaining their presence on these channels.

Social media marketing has had a significant impact on many companies success in the marketplace.  Many benefits such as increased sales, increased traffic, and improved search rankings are seen even when a smaller efforts (6hours per week) is integrated. However, the more time spent on a campaign, the more successful that campaign will likely become.

Depend on Carolina Beach Babe for advice, training or a full design and management of your social media effort.

Come to the Beach!


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