Surfing Lessons in Carolina Beach NC

ImageThe very first step to Surfing in Carolina Beach is to take a few lessons from a professional.

Below are links to visit and discover if you would like private lessons, family lessons or a Group Surfing lessons.

Make some phone calls and visit their website to answer your questions regarding times and costs.

Tell them the Carolina Beach Babe sent you

Surf Schools located in Carolina Beach, NC

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Introduction to Surfing in Carolina Beach NC

This is the first of 4  posts about Surfing in Carolina Beach

What is it about Surfing that makes a sensible person crazy for an Ocean ride on a  wave?

Why is this sport so contagious?

Short board, long board, paddleboard

How does the love affair begin?

First with lessons from a professional, here in Carolina Beach we have several great surf schools to choose from

It is said, that when you finally master the wave, you are hooked-

I will be bringing you more details about this sport and how you and your family can get involved – on any level

Daniel catching air in Carolina Beach

Daniel catching air in Carolina Beach

The best childhood memories are made while barefoot

The best memories are made while barefoot

This Summer, James is serving our country in Kosovo.
We miss him at the Beach!
Here with his nieces- Sara Rose, Alina and Morrigan

The Locals Guide to Shopping in Carolina Beach – Sumthin Beachie


Carolina Beach is located on Pleasure Island North Carolina, and our beautiful small town is the perfect place to find hidden treasures and where Consignment Shopping is a sport!

Decorating your new Beach house?  Looking for unique nautical themed items? Here is most popular local shop to find upscale furnishings for any home or office.

At Sumthin Beachie you will have a wonderful treasure hunt for beautiful new and consigned items, from large furniture to mirrors and mermaids, to decorate your beach home with.

Visitors are happily surprised by the large, well displayed, selections that offer wonderful and unique items at very reasonable pricing. You will also find locally made jewelry and local crafts and artwork

Sumthin Beachie is owned and managed by Nancy Cappola, who opened the store in 2010 and will happily assist you in finding your perfect item from the Beach.

Say hello to Nancy and tell her what you are looking for and you will be treated to some authentic Southern Hospitality and the best bargains on the Island, a true Locals shopping secret.


Nancy Cappola

Sumthin Beachie                

809 N Lake Park Blvd, Carolina Beach, NC 28428              (910) 619-9044

Why you should wear your Beach Toe Ring all year long

ImageCarolina Beach Babe lives in Carolina Beach NC, just 15 miles east of Wilmington NC.  Discover this Classic Beach Town that is as friendly and laid back as it is beautiful and relaxing. Come for the day, weekend or your family vacation. Visit more information


A Toe Ring is a small ring worn on the toe and is very comfortable when fit properly.  

Why you should wear your Beach Toe Ring all year long?

Because just wearing a toe ring reminds you how Beach Babe sexy you really are.

Your guy looks at your feet too, and a tiny little toe ring adds high scores to your sexiness rating ….and your toe ring can be worn every day.

Looking down at your feet in the winter and seeing your toe ring, will make you feel closer to Summertime and the Beach!  

Add a new pedicure, a great pair of sandals’ and it makes you look and feel Beachy Bohemian.

I do however, recommend that you move your toe ring to different toes and to your opposite foot to avoid indentations.

It’s the simple things in life that makes us happy.

Make your plans to visit  our  Beach, and get your Toe Ring on and tell me how it makes you feel.


With Love and Sexyness,

The Carolina Beach Babe


Top 3 Carolina Beach Babe New Year’s Resolutions 2016

Top 3 Beach Babe New Year’s Resolutions for 2016

1             Get in shape in time for Beach Babe weather!

2             Increase savings in Vacation fund!

3             Take out the new 2016 calendar and schedule a beach trip!

Come to the Beach!  and stay at,

You will have something to look forward to during the cold winter that includes Sun, Sand and the great outdoors!

Plan a  family beach vacation at Carolina Beach NC and get together with friends and  family, because kids love the beach and no one is getting any younger – your kids, you, your parents and or your grandparents

For everything you need to know about a day, weekend or weeks at Carolina Beach visit

My wish for you in 2016



Sandy feet

Debi Beach Profile

Why do kids love the beach?

The Carolina Beach Babe lives in Carolina Beach NC, just 15 miles east of Wilmington NC.  Discover this Classic Beach Town that is as friendly and laid back as it is beautiful and relaxing. Come for the day, weekend or your family vacation.

Why do kids love the Beach?

If you tell your kids that they are going to the Beach today their faces light up with joy and delight.

Remember when you were a little kid and everything seemed so large? And then when you grew up and saw a room or a chair or a town again…and it was so small?

The Ocean to a child is Humongous! It is so large to them it’s like transporting them to another planet.

The Beach is like nothing they have ever walked on before, except maybe the playground, it moves under their little feet.

To a kid it is a place to yell and play and no one tells them to be quiet! Collecting sea shells to take home great fun!

They can dig a big hole in the sand and stand in it! Burn some of that lively kid energy carrying water from the ocean with a bucket! Build a sandcastle! Explore the beach for sand crabs, hermit crabs and enjoy the shore birds!

The waves are perfect for a great ride on a boogie board. Kids can swim in the waves and play in the sun for hours.

(Be sure to keep applying that sunscreen!)

The Beach is where a kid can be a kid, enjoy nature and get to know our majestic Blue Planet up close and in person. Teaching children about Mother Nature when they are young encourages them to appreciate and understand the importance of taking care of our fragile eco-system.

With Love and sand in your toes,Image

The Carolina Beach Babe

Google Map of  Pleasure Island