Introduction to Surfing in Carolina Beach NC

This is the first of 4  posts about Surfing in Carolina Beach

What is it about Surfing that makes a sensible person crazy for an Ocean ride on a  wave?

Why is this sport so contagious?

Short board, long board, paddleboard

How does the love affair begin?

First with lessons from a professional, here in Carolina Beach we have several great surf schools to choose from

It is said, that when you finally master the wave, you are hooked-

I will be bringing you more details about this sport and how you and your family can get involved – on any level

Daniel catching air in Carolina Beach

Daniel catching air in Carolina Beach


The best childhood memories are made while barefoot

The best memories are made while barefoot

This Summer, James is serving our country in Kosovo.
We miss him at the Beach!
Here with his nieces- Sara Rose, Alina and Morrigan