Why do kids love the beach?

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Why do kids love the Beach?

If you tell your kids that they are going to the Beach today their faces light up with joy and delight.

Remember when you were a little kid and everything seemed so large? And then when you grew up and saw a room or a chair or a town again…and it was so small?

The Ocean to a child is Humongous! It is so large to them it’s like transporting them to another planet.

The Beach is like nothing they have ever walked on before, except maybe the playground, it moves under their little feet.

To a kid it is a place to yell and play and no one tells them to be quiet! Collecting sea shells to take home great fun!

They can dig a big hole in the sand and stand in it! Burn some of that lively kid energy carrying water from the ocean with a bucket! Build a sandcastle! Explore the beach for sand crabs, hermit crabs and enjoy the shore birds!

The waves are perfect for a great ride on a boogie board. Kids can swim in the waves and play in the sun for hours.

(Be sure to keep applying that sunscreen!)

The Beach is where a kid can be a kid, enjoy nature and get to know our majestic Blue Planet up close and in person. Teaching children about Mother Nature when they are young encourages them to appreciate and understand the importance of taking care of our fragile eco-system.

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The Carolina Beach Babe


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